Monday, January 7, 2008

I owe I owe so back to work I went

Started back to work today after my delicious two weeks off. It started out roughly with me not being to log on to the first of five or so log ins I need to do ... so I was a couple hours without full access- okay really three hours, but I managed to find things to do like copy the statements I had to send out, check in with friends at work, organize the piles of papers that found there way to my desk, etc. I tossed and turned last night, which is typical for Sundays for me. I have to start staying more regular with my waking up and going to be times on the weekends. The weather has been really warm for us and that means copious amounts of slush and ice... I had to shovel a ridge out from in front the garage when I got home tonight because the plows had been thru the alley... but I got in ok.

I am not much for journaling tonight- someone is supposed to be by any minute to pick up a bag of books I am freecycling.... not on the official freecycle site but on a local online classified site- I always am amazed when people express such wonder at why I am not trying to get money for them- and it makes me feel good to know they are going to a good home where they will be wanted :) So, its a win-win. Reduce clutter, pass on good books, and doing something nice. Okay so thats a win, win win deal.

to keep up with posting my pics:

These are some of the reasons I miss living in the States. We loaded up in North Dakota before coming home. By the way- I am not fond of the Maple Jimmy Dean. Its okay now and then, but I won't be getting more of it. Just sayin'.

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