Sunday, January 13, 2008

like sands thru the hour glass

so are the days of my life. Its already Sunday evening and I have five loads of laundry to fold and put away and of that five, two more to wash. Bleh. I dont know how two people generate so much. Of course three loads are bedding/towels and then three clothes. still, that's a lot.

It's been a long and somewhat trying week. Time at work seemed to crawl by. Eugene was sick since Friday with a cold/virus thing, and well, you know how men are. Suck Babies.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored and then ran errands looking for a few odds and ends- St. Vital Mall is a living nightmare on Saturdays. I searched in vain for a personal training log for my new endeavor to finally lose weight. I also got a charm for my word for the year that I changed from honour to just do it. I got a silver tag that has JDI on the front and 2008 on the back. Then i tried to find some workout clothes for my fat butt but that was disappointing too. I finally got some pants at walmart that I think will be fine

I took the plunge and joined a fitness club here on Friday night. Of course last year or the year before I joined one and went a total of six or seven times for an entire year. But, hope springs eternal and I joined with 60 sessions and can buy more with a personal trainer. I have to start on Tuesday at 7:15 am and go pretty much Mon-Fri at that time for 45 minutes. Yee Haw. I am actually looking forward to it. More on that later.

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