Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday again

It's a balmy -20 F right now in Winterpeg. I made it to the gym but my trainer did not, but I did my cardio workout for about 35 minutes or so. I worked hard. Maybe not as hard as she would have pushed me, but close. There wasn't a big crowd at the gym today... maybe it's slower on Mondays. At any rate, I am happy to say the soreness in my legs is almost gone. WHOOHOO I am sure tomorrow I will find new muscles that will be sore.

I have to keep going to the gym and cutting back on sugary foods. I did pretty well all week- I didn't have but one glass of Pepsi with pizza last night- and a small glass at that. Maybe the Pizza wasn't the best idea, but it was good and I exercised restraint. On Friday I had a bag of m and m's and on Sunday at the pug party I had maybe three Tim Bits and one small rice crispy thing, and a small mocha. Okay, when you write it all out, it doesn't look so good, but for me, it was a million times better than usual, and that's what counts, right? Right.

I got this pic of Izzy this weekend- it's one of my favorites.

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