Monday, January 14, 2008

oh the joy

of trying to get companies to pay their bills. Usually its all pleasant and routine, but every now and then you get someone who is just plain OUT THERE. Like today- suffice it to say I had my hands full and the guy says we are wrong, billed wrong, etc and really, to be honest, we did make some mistakes on some invoices. It has been taken out of my hands (its gone to an agency- ignoring my demand letters it not smart) but a tiny part of me hopes we can put it to rest outside of that and that he will actually send the money he says he is. I always root for the underdog.

Other than that, it has been really cold. Like -31 this morning and let me tell you, it is not comfortable at all even in gloves and coats, etc. Especially getting in and out of the car to wrestle the garage door and to make a dash into Tim Horton's for coffee and a muffin.

Here is some proof that I am working on scrap stuff. most of the stuff show I got from my dear sister... go me! Its a mini album on my word for the year and so on... its evolving. Mostly I am just playing.

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