Thursday, January 31, 2008

rambling thoughts

Today I went to a Centergy class which is a combo of yoga, pilates , tai chi or something like that. It was hard and rather umm, not embarrassing really but uncomfortable because let's be honest, I have too much weight to do some of those poses. I have too much in my mid section to even contemplate doing some of that, and my short legs arent the most easily adept at holding my weight in certain poses. Oh well. I did enjoy it overall, even though I can't do it all. I will keep trying on that one, I think.

I then stayed for the Group Active class which was much easier this time than last, and I really like that class. The arm work killed me today but I did it with 8 pounds for most and then with 5 for part of it. My balance sucks but it is getting better. So,that's that. I missed going this morning. Odd, but it felt weird not going. I will definitely keep going in the mornings even when I don't have an appt..

I was thinking today its too bad you can't always have a trainer to work out with. I know the whole goal is to teach you to do it yourself, but the mere thought of having to go it alone is scary. If I ever win the lottery I would do that- have my own trainer. Yep.

I am sleepy now... been a long day and I felt out of sorts because I went in an hour earlier so I could leave for my first class. yay for flexible bosses. i dont know if it will continue, but at least I tried.

wow I just noticed my knees are all bruised from that first class. I may not be able to do that one because of my bad right knee at least for now. its actually the left one now that looks puffy. damn.

Oh well. I will ask R tomorrow and get some input.

Here's a pic of Holly just because she's so stinkin' cute.