Saturday, January 5, 2008

your word my word the word a word word up

words are powerful entities that can take on a life of their own- some we would like to forget and some we would love to hear again... but anyway. I am drawn to the whole word thing as mentioned on this blog:
the one little word to focus on for a year.

She suggests getting some jewelry and/or creating visual reminders of your word to help keep you focused..

I liken this to the ancient desert fathers advice to use a mantra for prayer and a calling back to the present moment. To be aware of what is going on, to focus, to startle yourself out of the rat race and bring you to a calmer center. Or heck, it could just be a plain ol' word, but I like to find a way to link it to the profound- makes me feel better anyway.

So, I tossed and turned last night because in the middle of writing this post safari crashed and I didn't realize blogger saves automatically- it didn't get all of it, but it got some. So, I tried to find a word, and I toyed with a few- follow-thru which isn't all that elegant; truth- which is nice but I'm not really feelin' it; and tossed around a few more, but the one I keep coming back to is honour. Yes, honour with a "u" because that's how we spell it here in Canada :)

So, honour is my word. Hopefully tomorrow or next week I can do something with it to start the year scrap-wise.

Another cool site to check out is this one which focuses on a word every two weeks. I like that!

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