Sunday, February 17, 2008

earlier I said life sometimes knocks you down

- thats true and sometimes snow and ice sends you flat on your butt. As that is what happened to me Friday night, coming home after a pug event, I was trying to get the damn garage door open and had to run in the yard, open the garage, open it, run out and park. I slipped in the alley and landed on my butt and actually bounced and landed again. Not fun. Of course that was only minutes before Eugene and I got into our fight. so, by the end of the night I was in not a good mood or feeling well physically. But I digress..

I was going to write about some of my experiences with a trainer. Having a trainer who is about your age, and has herself lost 100 plus pounds and kept it off for the last three years or so, and who is really a likable person and knows her stuff has been one of the best things I have done for myself. It brings me face to face with the reality that yes, one can lose a significant amount of weight without having gastric bypass or plunking down huge sums of money for LA weight loss or Herbal Magic etc. The loss may not be as dramatic or fast, but hard work and eating healthy really do work. Of course I still struggle with eating the right things in the right amounts but in the last month or so I have accomplished a few things:

1. I am no longer addicted to coke. I do not have to have them in the house anymore. I can walk by a coke machine at work and not feel magnetically pulled to it. I still have them now and then, but not regularly.

2. One can live in Canada and work next door to a Tim Horton's and actually not worship at the counter daily. I have stopped having every breakfast there- and while I still have mochas most days or have until now, I am content with a small or medium instead of an extra large. I am detoxing slowly.

3. I can actually stay mobile on the elliptical and keep going for up to 15 minutes, with is vastly improved over the 3 minutes I started at.

4. I can do 15 reps and 3 sets of chest flys and presses with 15 pound barbells instead of the 5 pounds. Ok, maybe she has to help me finish the last few, but I can do it.

5. The huge roll under my bra band in the front is shrinking, and my face is getting thinner.

6. I feel muscles in my legs, back, arms. shoulders and chest.

7. I actually look forward to working out. \

So, all in all, its a good thing. Of course I have had my moments, when I was asked to skip rope, I was not happy at all, but after I tried, I can do it. Not well, but I can. Its not easy to get this much weight to cooperate. I also got really discouraged at the gym last week one day and was in tears, thats the second time. Its all good though. Its part of the process. Sometimes you just cant get the body to do what your mind says it can. But step by step, it is getting better. I also have put my hands on my hip and asked my trainer if she is crazy, and told her Hello, fat person here, this is not a fat person exercise when ask to do burpees which I am sure was invented by some satanical person-
I had to do those with a bosu ball but I think I only did three of these and decided I had had enough. I think actually that is the one thing I really couldn't do that she asked me to do.