Monday, February 18, 2008


It's nearly over- the first ever Louis Riel day. Yay for a day off with pay. I am feeling some better but still not up to par yet. Hopefully the morning will find me bounding out of bed ready to go to work. I will try to do some walking on the treadmill in the morning... I think I will skip the gym and not get out anymore than I have to, so that Wednesday I will be ready for another training session.

Had a nice, relaxing day- did some work on scrapbook stuff- started one for Holly's first year. Its easier than doing Izzy because the photos are all together. Poor Iz's first year will be sparse to say the least. I may have to just do an Izzy- the Early years for her.

Ate more nachos, fixed a chicken and pork stir fry for supper, and had a bowl of grits for breakfast. Some how the instant ones can't hold a candle to the ones I fondly remember at Shoney's all you can eat breakfast bar in Arkansas. Mmm. grits with cheese mixed in. Now there's something you don't forget- along with cream sausage gravy and big fluffy biscuits.... one of the fonder memories I have from being a monk in Arkansas and teaching junior high- the faculty breakfasts we'd have at Shoney's. Good Eatin'.

I think I will go take a hot bath and read a bit before trying to go to sleep. The last three days of sleeping in late is gonna make that difficult. Of course a shot of cold medicine might help.

Oh, and these crisps are to die for. I found them at Sobeys and had to throw the rest out or I would not have stopped eating them..... they are delish.