Sunday, February 17, 2008

so, while I am down for the count...

Life is hard sometimes. Just when you feel yourself making progress, it sneaks up and lays you flat for awhile. I guess I have the office cold/virus thing that has been making the rounds lately. I thought I had avoided it, but I guess not. It didn't help that Eugene and I had a fight on Friday night- just stupid stuff and we are over it, but that never helps especially when you are stressed out and tired to begin with. One of the joys of having two people live together that are relatively moody by nature and prone to drama. I am not saying the points raised weren't valid or that they didn't need to be brought up, but still. In the long scheme of things it seems rather trivial.

I am trying to allow myself to be a slug these last two days. Anytime I am not actively working or doing something I tend to feel guilty for doing nothing,yet sometimes I need to do just that. I just hope I haven't regressed progress wise on the fitness level. Hopefully I will feel up to walking tomorrow at least on the treadmill at home, and I cancelled my session Tuesday but I plan on going and doing cardio, but no sense in using one of my paid times when I am under the weather.

I just had a plate of nachos and a shot of coke, so I am feeling better. Comfort food at it's finest. Ok, I really want chicken and dumplings but that's not gonna happen, so nachos are the next best thing. For now.

I want to pare down and simplify, but I am having a hard time doing that. Too much stuff. Too many books, too many half-started projects, too many products that were supposed to fix some issue- hair, face, etc. I think I will set itunes to play half an hour and do what I can in that time. Baby steps.