Wednesday, February 27, 2008

time marches on

I am one tired soul tonight. I had a hard workout today and I am feellin' it. I am getting slowly more accustomed to the peaks and valleys of working out, and my endurance is increasing, albeit slowly, it is moving along. I remember when I started I could barely do 3-5 minutes on the elliptical and last night I did 25. Not bad.

It's been rather warm for us this week which has caused some melting of snow and ice which means lots of slush and puddles and patches of hiding ice. I almost fell down the front steps tonight taking out the recycling because I stepped on a slick spot. Luckily I didn't fall and managed to hang on to the recycling bin too.

E had an interview for another job today and another one Monday. I really hope he gets this one- all days and seems like a good place plus less of a commute.

I am realizing that I am making permanent changes and feeling more motivated to work on things- next week I only see my trainer two days and I will have to use some discipline to work hard on the other days too. I am going to brave a class or two- its daunting being the biggest person in the class, but money doesn't come in sizes and i am paying just like the thin people, right? So I might as well suck it up and go and do what I can. My goal is to be able to survive a kick class- sorta like tae bo. It amazes me how people have so much energy and endurance. Plus I need to remember that I am no spring chicken! A lot of those people are half my age or so.

The eating hasn't been too good lately- E was off two work days for a bad cold like I had and didn't feel well on the weekend, so we took the easy and not so healthy route. But, its back to the grind now. I don't want to waste all my energy working out only to negate it with junk foo.

I think it will be an early night. I am gonna let the dogs out and read a bit and call it a night.