Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday thoughts

Well, I did not make it to work today. I was sleeping fitfully all night - had a massive headache and sinus pain, and couldn't breathe thru my nose, so I called my boss, got the ok to stay home, and went back to bed. It is weird being home when you are supposed to be at work. It feels like cheating in a way even when you are really not fit to go in.
I watched Martha and Ellen, and watched the last two episodes of Brothers and Sisters I had taped, and did some scrapbook stuff. I did quite a few pages this weekend- the 8 by 8 size goes fast plus I have tons of pics of Holly.

I cancelled my training session tomorrow but will go in and do cardio on my own. Today I got on the treadmill and did 33 minutes- not at full speed but it felt good to move. I also did crunches on the ball and a few arm exercises with ten pound dumb bells. Now I will go watch Biggest Loser... I love that show.