Tuesday, March 4, 2008

back to the grind

Today i had another session with my trainer... and I am glad. I love going to work out with her. It's like I'm a junkie and she's my fix. Ok, that sounded really desperate but hey. It works. One of the things she had me do is push one of those aerobic step thingies you put the risers on underneath that she put 90 pounds on and push it from one end of the gym and back. Not easy. She had mercy half way back and took half the weight off. That wouldn't have been so hard if I wasn't already out of breath and tired from the many other things she invented for me to do. I tried to tell her modification is the key to training but she didn't bite. damn her. My best attempts are futile. And she is coming in tomorrow so I will get another day in.
Sad to say it didn't stop me from buying and eating a three muskateer bar at work. Damn those vending machines! Oh well. it's done and over with. I did resist the lure of a KFC coupon for supper and had baked chicken instead. One step at a time.

We had more snow which meant more slippery roads...

I am a tired camper tonight. Time for bath and bed and beyond...

because its all about fitness- another jillian photo:

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