Friday, March 14, 2008

Bewares the ides of March.. or the eve of the ides of March

Random thoughts from the day:

the term "apple-bottom jeans" from the song Low by Flo-rida is actually a brand of clothing by Nelly.

huh. who knew eh?

The Angus Burger and Fries at McDonalds is really not on any diet plan, but was pretty tasty at lunch.

My trainer noted in my workout log that I was "defiant" when it came to doing the ab exercises she was telling me to do. Ok, but really, I cannot do some move your arms around on the upwards motion of a crunch. Not hap'nin

We had more snow last night.

Pizza for supper was also not on the diet plan.

I can do 25 min on the elliptical fairly easy now.

Time for bed.

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