Tuesday, March 18, 2008

nothing spectacular but still significant in some form or fashion on some level no doubt

the snow continues to melt here in the 'Peg making everyone's car look horrendous, due to the slush and slosh and huge puddles and so on... along with the melting of the ice and snow that has covered most of the roads for months now comes the resurgence of the potholes... which we seem to have forgotten existed because of the layers of ice and snow filling them in, so now when you are driving down any street just a bout, you have to be aware of the dangerous holes that seem to spring up in front of your tires. yeah. its a dangerous life here in the 'peg.

adding to the danger is that because we finally have some sense that maybe winter is nearly over, we are blithely going about our business and may not be paying strict attention to our every step- sort of a rebellion in a way- because most of us, ok well maybe not most of us, but a good number of us more paranoid-prone-to-falling types, and the once really noticeable ice patches have taken to hiding- just waiting to catch you unawares as you step in a little quicker cadence on your way to and from buildings...

so. ice and slush. that about sums it up.

I have had some difficulty with eating proper portion sizes and the right types of food lately. it is annoying. i have slacked off some on my workouts too. But tomorrow is another day, and I will have the lovely Renata to kick my ass for my workout. I almost look forward to it. Not completely, because my muscles are still not fully cooperating... but thats okay. One step at a time.

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