Friday, April 11, 2008

another week draws to a close- well work week anyways

What a week. I feel like I have aged five years or something. Nothing really bad happened, but just reality setting in. I have realized this week we (the husband and I) have to stop spending money like we are rich. We thought we were getting a tax refund but instead we have to pay like 1500 dollars. Not fun. Oh well. I think we found that out on Monday night after work when we went to pick them up, and if that wasn't bad enough we had to pay like 420 bucks to find that out- because we had to do our small business stuff a la Shaklee in as well. Of course we lost money on that. But thats all done with. No use moaning much about it now. Ok, I did moan for Monday night and most of Tuesday, but I am back to okay with the whole thing.

After that, I think it was all okay the rest of the week- I felt really under the weather Wednesday and then Thursday at the gym, I actually fell and twisted my ankle. I was trying to step over one of those steps they use with risers for step aerobics class while holding on to a long bar over head and I guess I wasn't paying attention and I fell towards the stair master, alarming the person on it no doubt, and boy was I embarrassed. My trainer thought I had hit my head, but I missed doing that. A few minutes later I had another breakdown in the gym and we ended up sitting on the damn step while I cried about how tired I was of being fat, of how hard I work , blah blah blah.. I love that lady. She is so understanding and supportive and just awesome.

The rest of the day my ankle really hurt. I propped it up and work on a plastic bin and tried to make people feel sorry for me. I got a modest amount.

More later. Izzy is probably wondering why her mom has to wear such big pants:

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