Monday, April 14, 2008

monday check in

Bed buddies. I think Holly is taking more than her fair share, according to Izzy.

Another week begins. The snow is disappearing quickly- we had really high winds today and up in the 60's which is the warmest of the year. Whoohoo. My belly dance class I was enrolled in was cancelled ... disappointing but hopefully I can take another one later on. I have always wanted to learn. I also signed up for an online class on called Becoming More. It looks good. Of course that meant I had to do shopping for supplies.

This week hopefully will be uneventful and the work part will go quickly... although today was really draggy. Tomorrow after work I am gonna try to take two classes at the gym and start getting back into high gear. I had some blood work done last week to check my thyroid, and the doctor called and wants me to come in and go over the results- hopefully Wed. I dont know what all else they checked, but I was past due for a thyroid check. I hope its just that its low and that might explain the lethargy and stalled weight loss. At least to me it will help. So, we shall see. I am gonna try to do some scrapping this week and use my stuff.

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