Wednesday, April 2, 2008

more goodies that I need to put to use

I found this cute white doodad at Winners and thought it would complement the twirly thingy. I was right.
I love Winners.

My very first order from Surely this is a passage of some sort. I got the book Photo Freedom, a free pink heart thingamajig, some cool stamps from Tim Holtz's line. ( I love to name drop), and a ribbon purse thing that sorts and displays my growing ribbon collection.

Today my Zutter Bind it All arrived safe and sound- I got a great assortment of stuff on ebay. I love ebay.

And just proof I actually am using stuff- I started loading my ribbon holder.

1 comment:

Cat said...

Dang girl...I have been wanting the Bind-It-All....have you used it yet? Did you get a good deal on Ebay? Have fun with your goodies!