Tuesday, April 1, 2008

random nattering

I had a headache nearly all day long-no doubt, in some part, caused by the odd contortions I was doing at the gym on the elliptical trying to get the feeling to come back into my right foot without falling off of it. I got new shoes Saturday and they are great on the left foot, but the right is rebelling. So, the gym issues along with my avoiding the daily fix of Tim Horton's, along with getting "a talking to" from a sales rep at work who was rather upset with me putting a large customer's account on hold without clearing it with him.... yeah. Makes for a headache deluxe.

So, I did what any self-sabotaging, stressed out, headachey, humbled person who has food issues would do- I had five, yes, five oatmeal raisin cookies that one of the supervisors brought in for us. Yes, I paced myself and spread my intake out over the course of at least five hours. I have some restraint you know.

Sometimes I feel like I need a 28 day stint in rehab somewhere, paid for by maybe Daniel Baldwin or something. Because I just amaze myself by my illogical actions sometimes.

And, just because I like the colors, is a pic of a fire hydrant at the end of our street. It is bizarre looking to me.

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