Sunday, May 25, 2008

Its  not a good pic but thats the latest L/O for my online class.  I had to pick someone that was a safe place and picked Mom and Cathy- no matter what happens I know they are in my corner.  

It was a productive weekend overall- amazing how much time you have when you aren't out shopping or wandering aimlessly thru the mall or wal-mart!  I did some house cleaning, watched a movie with E, cooked, washed laundry, and spent most of the day on my scrap stuff- did some for my class then finished Holly's book- it was gonna be her first year with us but I filled it up and ended Dec. 2007.  Little stinker- she has changed so much since we got her.  

I am about to put some chicken in the oven- casserole with rice and mushroom soup.  That and maybe a salad and thats supper.  

E and I did our finances together on Saturday and I am sticking to my plan of stopping stupid spending...a few things like a magazine on Friday but overall good.  We added up our debts and planned out the budget for the next few weeks.  No room for frivolity but having had years of it, its okay.  

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Cat said...

awwwww..thanks sis!! your scrapbooking is really looking great..very artsy!!