Saturday, May 24, 2008

its saturday.  E just fixed us french toast which I washed down with a mug of coke.  How's that for healthy?  As I was draining the last few sips of the precious nectar we call coke, E asked with all seriousness-  Do you get any calcium in your diet at all?

I sometimes wonder what makes him think of what he does when he does.  I told him I am sure Tim Horton's mochas have some calcium and that cottage cheese probably did too.

Last night when were trying to sleep he told me that I really need to learn to eat vegetables. 

I like veggies- fried okra, fried squash, french fries, etc.  Of course we are lucky if we can find a bag of frozen okra and zucchini is the only squash they seem to have in this part of Canada and its just not good.   

I think this may be a long weekend. 

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