Monday, May 5, 2008

like sands thru the hour glass

(this is before I finished the cover)

(pondering the lack of warmth no doubt)

 So are the days of my life.  back to work and its collection blitz week so it will be more busy than normal...and the husband and I are going to workout together at the gym after work.  hopefully we don't get into an argument! I have my way and he has his... but it will be nice to have a buddy there.  Other than that, not much else going on.  We has snow yesterday and it was rather nippy this morning, but the sun is out so thats good.  Its 46F right now and the high this week is only 65 and most days are in the 50s.  I am ready for spring damnit!  I have sandals and capris ready to wear!

I am enjoying the class The Art of Becoming More at big picture scrapbooking.  So far so good.  whoohooo tomorrow is my first belly dance class!  I am sure it will be akin to watching a cow on drugs but oh well.  Let me have my delusions.  

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