Friday, May 16, 2008

so it is already friday

where does the time go?  I am enjoying my time off despite feeling a bit angsty/anxious about my spending problem.  I am trying to not obsess but just live in the moment.

I  have done a bit of cleaning out and letting go-- I freecycled three pairs of shoes, four pairs of pants, a cookbook, and will send some scrap stuff out tonight... I also took three bags of misc.  stuff to the thrift store and found some  books I had been wanting.  It kinda is ironic  I am supposed to be letting go and there I was bringing in... but I am a true book hoarder.  Ok not to the extreme- I pass 98 percent on when I am finished.  Speaking of books- i found this great site called book mooch.  You can use it to give away or get books you are looking for.  The only bad thing is for me it costs to much to ship that sometimes the shipping is more than finding the book used somehwere but oh well.  I have sent two books to the UK and a few to the states and within Canada.  Then you get points you can redeem for your own mooches.  that is a good thing.  

Other than that, I have swept and mopped the kitchen floor and entry way, dusted the living room furniture and organized and got rid of some clutter.  I also cleaned off a shelf in the office room and am parting with some of my dog figurines.  I am thinking like Peter Walsh recommends in the book Its All too Much that its ok to keep those pieces you  really love and you can showcase them, and honor them, but I had too many that I bought only because they were dogs and they meant little to me and in fact reminded me of all the money I spent!  So I am going to pack those up tomorrow and either sell them as a lot of freecycle them.  I don't have the energy to ebay them and with shipping costs, ebay fees, its not really a good use of my time.  

I got my nails removed- they lasted  about a week and then started growing out so fast they looked plain trashy.  So, I cannot afford to get them done every single week, so off they went.  Some had already started lifting.  So, its back to natural which means I can actually use some of the nail stuff I bought at the beauty/hair shoe spree.  

I love this video.  this is the kind of belly dance I want to do some day....when I drop about 100 pounds...

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