Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Thursday!  

I am off for the rest of the week and Monday and Tuesday.  Yay!  I am using some of my holiday time and Eugene is off Monday and Tuesday.  We are have to remove everything from our basement and rip down the walls in it.  We found one small leak and not sure if its from the rain or a plumbing issue- and the walls are a hodge podge of every kind of material so out they come.  Won't that be fun?  Which means we get to run up and down the stairs with all that stuff.  Hopefully it goes fast and then we can get on to the fun part of rearranging the upstairs (not the main floor but the upstairs) so  I can have my scrap room without the guest bed in it-moving the guest bed to the current "office" then my desk/computer to the scrap room and E's desk down stairs to the sunroom which he will then use as his paintball storage/desk area.  Got it?  

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