Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday sum up and raves for the furminator

Another weekend is drawing to a close... it was a relaxing weekend overall.. no major drama or trauma which is always a good thing... even our neighbors were quiet!  (we have some drama next door from time to time).

Got the lawns done today- which they desperately needed.  We need to get one more bag of grass seed for the front and some round up and weed and feed but that will wait until next pay day.  Budgeting you know. 

Actually both E and were under the weather for most of Friday and Saturday- today we felt better.  I don't know if we had a bug or what or just the results of eating too much junk but we both felt bad and had stomach issues.  

I did some scrapbooking, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, mailed some ebay and book mooch stuff out, got groceries, E trimmed the dog's nails, they both got a good brushing with the best brush ever for pugs called the Furminator. It really works wonders and my friend borrows it for her cats and loves it.  It was a bit pricey here last year (60 dollars or so) but its worth every penny.  trust me - the amount of hair we get off our pugs is scary.  Heres a cute video of a bulldog.  Closest thing I could find to a pug but if you have longer haired dogs the results are dramatic!  I dont use it much in the winter because they need all the hair they can keep at -40 but its great.  

Other than that...nothing much to report other than I am starting Weight Watchers online again tomorrow.  Time to get with it.  My goal is to make it to the gym three times this week.  Motivation, where art thou?  

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