Tuesday, July 1, 2008

and now the end is near...

the end of time off from work.  Today is Canada Day.  It was a busy weekend/days but I feel good about it.  We got a lot done in the house- moved E's stuff down stairs to the former sun room, my stuff to the new and improved scrap room and set up the guest room.  In the process we hauled a car full of stuff to Salvation Army and a few bags of trash out too.  

We also found a water leak in the basement and pulled down the ceiling in one of the rooms down there and found a ton of mouse poison and evidence of former mousey tenants. We haven't heard or seen any since that one we had... no signs of them either.  In the ceiling and top of the wall we found an New Testament and copy of a book by Jean Vanier with a note about salvation in side of it.  The book I think was last published in 1976 and the Bible is older.  Interesting.  too bad we didn't find a sack of hundred dollar bills though.  

Our air condition went out Monday and we had to get it fixed but luckily it was an easy fix so 175 dollars later we are cool again.  Gotta love overtime/holiday rates!

and for the random pic of the day... my new gated album from fancy pants which is on the supply list for my next online class- called Have More Fun with Stacy Julian.  I am looking forward to that.  The neat thing about this album is it has binder rings on both side so you can do 6x12 pages on either side too.  Nifty!


Keeping my fingers crossed/good energy/etc for our appt with the bank tomorrow about our mortgage.  Hopefully it goes well.  

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