Monday, July 7, 2008

I am just the scrappin' fool or U CAN!!

I have completed a lot over the weekend and today.  WHOOOHOO .  seeing people's ideas and having assignments really helps me- and I love we are encouraged to use our stash and improvise.  God knows I could scrapbook the lives of my whole block with all the stuff I have accumulated in a relatively short amount of time.  

Doing the photo freedom/library of memories thing is helping too because I ran across three pics from a pug party and just did it!  I didn't wait till it was all thought out- I just scrapped it and put in the binder.  

the can was a project for the now-finished art of becoming more class- the U can reminds you that You Can!  there was a whole story about this and originally it was supposed to be a blue can with an orange U for union oil barrels, but I wanted to use these things so I did.  Gotta love the grungeboard!  

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