Monday, July 14, 2008

results of my weekend- or scrap room and project update

Re-organizing yet again. I am liking this arrangement right now. Needs some refining, but oh well. I want to eliminate some of the pizza boxes and put in another set or two of the 12x12 drawers- Walmart was out this weekend. And, I actually took everything off my clip it up and put it back in categories- much easier now.
And I want to use my cuttlebug and quickutz more so I made a drawer for each letter or most of each letter in the blue box (I think its a screw/nail sorter) and so now I can file away extras, and when I get bored, can just punch some out. Cuz I am spaz like that.

My first attempt using my Zutter Bind it all. See how two edges have holes? thats because I got them off kilter the first time and didn't want to waste the cover.


Cat said...

looks good sis~!

MAM said...

So jealous that you have a Bind It All & Clip It Up :)

Monica (BPS Classmate)