Sunday, August 24, 2008

alive and kicking

 have been so productive today on the scrap front... got my first section done for the ongoing album for the Have More Fun class.  I am doing the trips to Texas.  It was good to get the pictures from 2006 Christmas done.  I love the photo album scrapbook stuff- makes sense for many things.  I also reorganized yet again part of my scrap room... always tweaking things to find a better use of space.  

Other than that, not much going on.  I am also so pysched to start using my 7 gypsies atc card holder I bought months ago... thru another blog I found a scripture challenge that makes a card a week.. although I am over half way thru the year I made copies of the previous weeks words and stuff so I can do it as I can.  You can find it here at  I am looking forward to that.  

I decided too that I want to try to find a church to go to.  Not sure where to start...not really wanting to go back to Catholic church but not sure I am ready to go too far the other way either.  If I were at home I would go to a southern Baptist church but they are unheard of here.  I will have to do some searching.  I do want to find one that has Sunday School on Sundays to do bible study and has other activities too.  E will probably go with me he says.  So I first need to make a list and then buy a dress.  I own no dresses.  But hey,  that won't be too hard.  

Here are some scrappy pics and one of Holly who is sulking today because I got on to her for being too pushy... she takes Izzys toys and pushes her out of the way a lot.  Poor puggies!   She wouldnt look at me earlier so I took her pic anyways!

Title page, table of contents, section page and key photo  for the anthologie bay box album project.  
my little angel muses from a project from Scrapbooking from the Inside Out... love this group!
More ongoing album pages using the different styles of page protectors
Miss Pouty.


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Me said...

Your scrapbooks look great. I follow triple the scraps and have been meaning to do that scripture challenge all year long. I think it's a great just too lazy to do it I guess.