Sunday, August 17, 2008

rambling thoughts

sunday evening and another weekend draws to a close... they go so fast nowadays.  I haven't been feeling too shiny lately- but a diet of junk food and caffeine does catch up with you.  Its been hot and humid here... ok not hot like Texas hot but the humidity has been bad too.  I don't deal well with heat anymore.

E had a day of paintball so I had the day to myself... got groceries.. which is always depressing because things are just so high.  Crazy I tell ya.  Then I went to Walmart because I was out of adhesive for scrapbooking and needed to get some cork stick on tiles to make a bulletin board in my scrap room.  

Then I pretty much completed my week 7 scrapbook for class... it was supposed to be about travel but I don t travel much and want to save our Texas trips for another project so I did some family gatherings on E's side because I didnt really want to do full blown scrapbooks for those but wanted to have them organized and viewable... so I did that for most of the day- and laundry.  

gotta fold laundry now and get ready for another week.  whooohoo.  Oh, and sad to say I think i am the only one in my town that understands the goodness that is Vera Bradley.  In fact, I don't think I have seen anyone else anywhere use one.  i get strange looks.  E said I look like I am using some granny bag made by a Ukranian Baba ... (you'd have to understand Ukranian and Baba to find that funny) but oh well.    I have gone overboard and will most likely have a big sale on ebay in a month or so.    Sad thing is- thats not even all of them - more on the way.  

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