Tuesday, August 5, 2008

so, where was I?

It's been awhile since I have updated... life gets in the way of blogging at times!  I am off work today - I used a couple of holiday days for Friday and today, because Monday was a holiday here.  So, it's been good to get a break from work.  

I have plans to clean the house today- we'll see how that goes.  Nothing out of the ordinary has been happening... just the usual.  I am still working on trying to get my ebay and spending addiction under control... and looking at why I do what I do.  Not fun, but necessary.  

I am really enjoying Eckart Tolle's book The New Earth.  Powerful stuff.  I have heard a lot of the same ideas before in different formats - mainly from the reading I did in the monastery from spiritual classics- Thomas Merton comes to mind, as does Anthony De Mello, and James Findlay... it's funny how I keep gravitating towards writers who seem to say what I need to hear at the moment.  Divine Providence no doubt. 

Still trudging along with the Have More Fun class... I was kinda bogged down for a bit because a lot of the stuff was just beyond me or my skills or whatever, but I am enjoying the Photo Album Scrapbook stuff.  Let's face it- not having kids kinda removes a huge source of material.

The first two are assignments from the class- the dog one had specific numbers of items to include and there are over 105 brads on that one.  The last one is the first photo album one - I did one with all my scrap pictures - actually not all but some.  It is cute and a good way to put those all together for review.

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