Saturday, September 6, 2008

car story

I told E we should get an older car.... this was our first choice:

but then we decided a convertible isn't really practical in the cold winters... so I said okay let's get my second choice:  an Escalade.  (pardon my frumpy look I was not expecting a photo shoot and was in no mood to get spruced up this morning)

But then we decided it might be a bit showy.. so passed on that.  We finally decided on 

A 2008 Cobalt.  Yes we now own a fully functional and safe car!  Doesn't E look happy unloading groceries?  Gotta love Gauthier dealership.... they get my highest recommendations although they didn't seem to think it would be okay for me to just take the Escalade as a second car and all my focusing a la The Secret hasn't brought one into my life yet....

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Cat said...

Very cool sis..congrats on the new ride!!