Thursday, September 25, 2008

I could never sell on ebay full time. Here's the thing- I ship within two business days of getting payment. Usually the next day but at the most two. I have little patience with people who seem to get so obsessed about the length of time it takes to get a purse to them and how many messages and emails they can send to the seller DEMANDING to know why their precious Vera Bradley item hasn't reached them... holy moly people! It's a purse! In most cases, a used cotton purse that you probably have dozens of already. Its hardly a life or death issue here. And here's a bigger concept- shipping from Canada via our slow postal system is not a fast-paced event... it takes time. Hence the time frame of 8 business days MINIMUM and maybe up to three weeks. Do people in the states not realize how far Canada is? That we aren't just a few miles down the Interstate? ( I can say that because I am from Texas myself but I realized if you are ordering from another COUNTRY it won't be at your door the next day unless you pay big dollars for a courier service)

I do a lot of shopping online from the States because our selection is limited at best on some items and ya know, you just get used to waiting at least two weeks for things- maybe more. And nothing bad happens while you wait. I can't see getting all up in arms because my latest Scrapbooking kit hasn't arrived in warp speed. I am sure that I can do other things while waiting. I mean really, in the big scheme of things what is all this obsession with getting things RIGHT NOW??

and for goodness sake, if you are buying on ebay from a CANADIAN seller dont ask why we didn't use USPS priority mail. Uh hello, this is CANADA not the UNITED STATES!! and don't say that it TOOK A MONTH when I shipped on the 2nd of September and you signed for it on the 23rd. Since when is that a month???

oh, and that little tracking number I sent you? How about you use it and follow the progress? Don't ask me why you don't have it if it says still in Canada. Don't message me asking when I shipped it either when I send you the number the day I ship it. And how can I predict if it will arrive or not before your sister's birthday? Geez.

Rant over.

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Lee said...

Oh my, did this ever make me laugh! I too am in Canada and whenever I send things Stateside it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I feel your frustration ;) and agree people should be more patient!