Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New plan and a couple of pics

Plan now is to go back to having only one car.  My car is going to need new tires soon, new battery and it may also be alternator and or starter and it also needs new fuel injectors as the repairs we did twice didn't work. And with the body damage it has from me dealing with winter driving in Winterpeg, its not worth fixing financially.  Hubby's car is only slightly better- needs new tires, steering is off, brakes are about gone, etc.  Of course in Canada we drive the cars till they die... ours are 97 and 96 models we got second hand.  So, plan is to sell mine for parts (hah)  and trade his in on a newer used one and just tighten our belts and live with one car which means lots of driving for me each day-taking him to work, coming home, getting ready, going to work  coming home at lunch and going back to  let dogs out, and then picking him up after work.  Of course I can't complain because he will be doing two hours of OT each day to help make payments.  That's the price you pay when you have not followed your budget ... so yeah.  Hopefully we can do some looking this weekend. this means also lowering our cable to basic, not renewing cell phones, etc.  Time to grow up I guess.

On a lighter note:  title page of the 30 days album 

and I love owls lately.  Found this on google and loved it.  Love it.  

Of course I have a Night Owl pattern purse from Vera Bradley on the way right now.    I am sure I will have lots of time to admire the purse as I drive from one side of Winnipeg to the other on a daily basis..  I really am not trying to be bitter because its just time to live with our stupid money habits and I am grateful we will be able to have a reliable car- assuming we can get the financing which I don't see a problem with... but yeah.  Its a bit hard to go back to one car.

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