Tuesday, October 7, 2008

if you are near a Tim Horton's

You need to go have a pumpkin spice muffin.  They are really, really good.  So good I would stand in line for half an hour to get one.  Yeah.  I am kinda sad that way :)  and look, some other Tim's fan already has a nice pic of one. 
 ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/ blog-u7hW2yk9dLRcT1ALev...  just to give proper credit.  
I found a recipe that might be close- I would add some powdered sugar to the cream cheese-

I am not liking these dark rainy mornings... would be nice if I could sleep in, but getting up at 530 is not fun.  Oh well.  I am grateful I have a job to go to.  

Here's my first page for the Design Your Life... it was supposed to represent me and my scrap stuff- the question mark is because I am learning and trying new things...

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