Monday, October 20, 2008

where did the weekend go?

I cannot believe its Monday already.  this was just a crazy fast weekend... and its a chilly 25 degrees this morning.  Yuck.  Looks like there is a chance for snow later in the week.  Its really getting to be that time again.

I made a little Just Do It mini album thing on goals I want to work on continually:  
the cover and the flip side- from the kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out:

E and I are supposed to go to an informal series on Catholics Coming Home starting tonight- for people who have wandered or feel alienated or confused by the Catholic experience/Church thing.  I am looking forward to getting a refresher course and it will maybe explain some basic church theology for E since he isn't Catholic.  So that's my first step in honoring the Spirit.  

I am also working on eating healthier.  I just have to face the facts that I cannot eat all I want and all the kinds of foods I want and that I have to exercise.  I have gained more weight and feel physically miserable.  so, time to take action and stick with it.

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