Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a strange week so far.  Long and cold.  It's now -9 F and we've had some snow today which made driving very slow.  
Monday I had lunch with a friend who I really like but haven't gotten to spend time with in ages.  It was nice to visit with her.  I hope we can get together more often.  
Tuesday I came home at lunch to find the pugs had decided getting into the kitchen trash was fun and drug that all over the kitchen and I found a half-chewed up milk carton lodged under the coffee table.  What fun!  The trash can is one you have to step on to open and has a secure closing lid, so they must have messed with it until the found a way to get it open.  Of course they acted all innocent and then contrite after I scolded them- not that Holly aka Waddy put it together with the act she committed, but I *know* Izzy did as she is exceptionally gifted.  I kid you not.  She KNOWS things.  
I love my neighborhood- we just had two kids offer to shovel our walk and steps for 4 bucks and we scrounged enough change up to have them do that.  Gotta love industrious children- even if is freaking cold out.  
Coming from Texas I still get a bit freaked out driving on ice and in snow... and reports like this still kinda amuse me :

Winnipeg Free Press

Trucks, plows, sand spreaders out in force

Manitoba Highways said driving conditions are not as bad now as they were in the morning. The west Perimeter Highway had swirling snow, lower visibility, but less drifting snow this afternoon. In general, the highways are snow covered and slippery, with low visibility due to the snowfall.  
Get ready to shovel as Environment Canada says we're likely to get up to 10 centimetres of snow by late this afternoon.

City crews are plowing main routes and will continue throughout the day. Sanding of streets is ongoing prior to the afternoon rush hour.  Front-end loaders are being used to clear snow at intersections and bus stops. On Thursday,  you’ll want to bundle up since the high will be just -22 C, with windchill dropping the temperature to a numbing -36..   Friday’s high is forecast to be a relatively balmy -9 C.  Gear up for more white stuff on the weekend.

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