Monday, December 29, 2008


I feel hungover.. a killer headache and out of sorts... and all without alcohol!  My whole schedule is messed up with the holidays and we have been sleeping late and then I cant sleep at night.. E is back at work for three days and I am off for the week.  It took me forever to go to sleep last night and then Holly had one of those inverted sneezing attacks that pugs are prone to and woke us up and it was a bad attack so that took about half an hour to calm that down and get settled again.  Poor Puggy.

Yesterday I spent the day reorganizing and paring down and sorting out my scrapbook room... and have a good size box of stuff to give away...I dont know how it all accumulates so fast... but yeah.  I have it all categorized in ways that make sense to me and have a ton of empty containers for storage left over... I guess I really did not need to buy the 12 photo boxes at Michaels even if they were on sale for 2/$3 and the two extra but really cute bright green pizza size boxes.  I now have three of my other ones emptied and then the two new ones so I am set for awhile :)  

I did not take one picture over christmas.  I must be in a funk.  Oh well.  I am looking forward to the Life Well Crafted class starting Jan 1.  I love Kolette Hall.  I am going month by month but can't find the link to that.  I am sure its up there somewhere at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

I am modifying some of the assignments to use my stash on hand.  With the Canadian dollar being low and shipping so high from the states, I am having to really avoid extra stuff.  But I like using what I have too and its not like I am suffering from lack of supplies!

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