Sunday, December 14, 2008

a really cold sunday...

 This was just a pic I took from the car on Friday..  

I think the high has been -15 F.  Not fun.  I did not get out... E went to the corner store to pick up a few things for nachos- that was our lunch. 
We actually had a productive weekend despite being pretty much slugs today- yesterday we took three boxes of books and other things to Salvation Army, stopped by the car dealership to drop off a survey and get a coupon for free oil change, went to the meat market, cruised thru Value Village- I was looking to no avail for Jodi Picoult books, went to Chapters where I got Dead Until Dark  the first in a series I hope is good,  ate at Georges, then came home.  It was good to get those boxes out of the way.
Today I went thru all our files with budgets, bills, forms, insurance, taxes etc and all that other paperwork that seems to multiply incessantly and have that about 95 percent organized.  
Friday was our dept. luncheon.. it went really well although the food wasn't too good, but we had fun anyway.    I just finished my Christmas cards for work, and I have maybe two more small gifts to pick up this week and that will be it.. oh and something for the dogs...
Its hard to get too excited about Christmas this year since we can't go to Texas, but maybe next year will be better.  With the reduction in my salary starting in January (company wide) and all and decline of the Canadian dollar it makes it even harder.  Oh well.  

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