Monday, December 29, 2008

Organized scrap room

In other riveting news, here is my organized scrap room space.    

On my desk is my photo area where I have my photos sorted ala  Stacy Julian Library of Memories system with the ones I plan to scrap... I have two of these Cropper Hopper Photo Ports and they work well.  I have them divided a little differently than the Library Of Memories system.. mine are : dogs, Izzy, Holly,  family, daily life, couple, home, work, to file or something close to that.  Then I have two of those small rubbermaid drawers things one has punch pics or small pics and the other is categories I didnt have room for in the port boxes- because I don't have kids or a large extended family or go anywhere I don't need a lot of categories or space :)
that may sound bitter but it's not :)

Above is my shelf that holds my now mostly empty pizza boxes- not sure  of the official name but that is what I call them.  I have a box for Christmas, one for holidays other than Christmas, Dogs, and I use a couple for current kits I get in the mail.  After I use them awhile I integrate them into the rest of my supplies but for challenges and so on I like it all together.  
This is my shelf in my tiny closet- empty albums and cold storage for my extra pics, quickutz

Under the table is more stuff.. punches, letters or alphas, chipboard, misc supplies, etc.  
I put the cork down to work on as I was making a mess of the table with my various cutting and pasting and painting escapades and the cork refused to stick on my walls, so I decided to use it on the table.  On the table is my paper stash, stuff I use all the time like markers and adhesive and scissors and my mini cutter I use for pictures. The mug contains coke.  Gotta have that. I also grouped my embellishments into categories and they are on the table and under in the storage carts.

I have another table next to the one with all the stuff on it that has my paper trimmers, cutting mats, etc and under that is my stamp cart with all the stamp stuff in the drawers.  I try to leave the top of this space rather empty so I can spread out my stuff when I actually scrap instead of just organize things!

I got these ribbon rings a couple of weeks ago at and I love them.  I have tried a million ways to organize and be able to see my ribbon collection and this works.  Of course my mother in law who always is able to find a way to do the same thing for less money saw this idea and used a couple of rings she got at the hardware store and safety pins.  SO yeah.  It can be done a lot cheaper.  I like that the rings open and close and you can flip around to to the you want if you need to take the tag off.  I had no idea how many ribbons I have gathered.  The only drawback with the tabs is you cant do real wide ribbons but oh well.  I put my fibers in small plastic bags and punched a whole for the ring and my spools of adhesive ribbon on there as well and stuff I want to remember I have. 

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