Monday, January 12, 2009

birthday cards and hair cuts

I gave E a haircut last night...  His hair was horribly long and I made the mistake of saying how it would make sense for me to do it myself to save time and money... so after spending 30 bucks on a trimmer, I had to actually use it.  Let's just say that while he wanted it short there are a few spots that are a teeeeeny bit too short :)  His hair is so curly and since he is balding, its even harder to find some sense of what is what.  He was pretty patient thru the
 ordeal and was a good sport.  Married life.  It sure is full of excitement.  :)

Okay I found a pic where he PAID to have his hair cut that short.  Can't tell much difference.  The one with the dogs he had done at a barber and I did he second.   I feel better.  Really.

Second: I tried making those lollipop flowers as I saw on Balzer design.. Mine are a bit shabby but that's the look I was going for, right?  Right.  I make birthday cards for the supervisor to use for our dept birthdays.    

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