Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge 2 for scrapbooking from inside out..

We were to use a time-consuming technique and the subject was something we did that took a lot of patience to get thru..accomplishing something.  I did mine on an ongoing project...improving my health/self esteem etc.

I cut the flower out and used crackle paint on it, embossed the center and used stickles to outline and highlight- distressed the paper and used a work document to print a photo behind the quote... all new stuff for me.  


Me said...

Sorry I'm commenting on every post tonight. Anyway, is this a class your taking that you're doing these projects for? Seems like it could be very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing.

scrappypug said...

It's not a class - its all free :) On this site

Under challenges... its a great group each month focusing on an emotion... check it out and anyone can do the challenges. Thanks.