Monday, January 5, 2009

misc pics and matching rambling

The first layout of 2009 was this one... its hard to see the cat in the picture but I took the pic from my upstairs window looking into the alley... I love this kitty.  I haven't seen him around lately.  I hope he's okay.  I used my magic mesh from a kit and think it goes well with the urban theme... and let's face it, I have to take what inspiration I can!

This is our front steps on January 3.  Yes, it was that cold.  

And, yes it may look like your ordinary microwave plate scored for 3.99 at Value Village... but wait... its more!  It is my new glass cutting mat and I love it.   Can't beat the price... and the fact its hard core sturdy.  I hadn't thought about cutting on a glass mat before until I saw a You Tube video by  Balzer Designs,  and while looking for books at the thrift store, this caught my eye.  It is so much easier to cut on a glass mat for me.  Like butter!  

And these two are from my first assignment an attribute mini album/book from the Life Well Crafted  Big Picture Scrapbooking Class with Kolette and Jason Hall.   I love the paper (still digging that collection I used for the mini coaster thing) and I got to use a good number of buttons from my stash and actually sewed them on.  Woot!   And I used an album I got from my sister when I raided her stash in Dec 2007.  


milkcan said...

I never thought of using a microwave tray as a glass mat! That is super genius! I love it!

Me said...

Look at you with all your projects and orginazation skills. I wish I was as half as productive as you are.