Friday, January 2, 2009

my sense of humour

is not always appreciated by my husband (as well as others I am sure but who's counting?) but sometimes ya just gotta let loose and laugh it up.  Last night I was reading in bed with the husband while our two pugs took turns seeing who could snore the loudest or pass the rankest gas... but anyway, I was reading the book
Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster and I was cracking up out loud.  I usually don't  just bust out laughing from reading, but I did several times.  If you have ever dieted or thought about it or struggled with weight ... this book will kick start your sense of humour about the whole big thing.   Then I started laughing and continued to giggle to myself today thinking about what Jen said Fletch said about that show Extreme Makeovers- something like You Mean That Show Where TY Pennington Paints a Wall and everyone cries?    ( I am too lazy to go get the book and quote it verbatim), but for some reason that struck me just deeply funny and several times thru the day a visual of Ty in his earnest  "look how much I care" look would cross my mind and I would giggle.    

I particularly thought this was funny:
Weight Watchers axiom:  Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
Jen Lancaster axiom:  Weight Watchers can kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Anyone who has been to WW knows how really that line is such a crock.  Yeah somehow NOTHING compares to the deliciousness of just made homemade fudge melting in your mouth... 
I can't wait to read more.  I read another one a few months ago and it was good too.  I will have to break down and order the other one soon.  
Oh wait, here she is herself talking  about the book and the scary thing is.. she is with her trainer and I swear it could have been me with the lovely Renata that I worked out with a few months early in 2008 ... scary.  

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