Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 dreams and 16 things

Without Filters: 16 Dreams of Mine  

These two posts inspired me and since I am home from work with a stomach virus or flu beginnings, why not?

16 Dreams of Mine:

1.  I dream of winning the lottery and having enough to pay off all debts,  build a small house with an adjoining room/suite for Mom in Texas because my husband's dream is to build his own house and we want to live in Texas eventually.   
2. I dream of being back to a healthy weight and not waking up each morning feeling self conscious about my size and appearance.
3.  I dream of having my own pug rescue some day with enough funds to place pugs with people who love them instead of only those who can "afford"  the fees
4.  I dream of tapping into my creative strength and writing my story of my journey and having it published  and then being able to write novels
5.  I dream of having a truly simple and organized home  (preferably adobe with tile floors) that amazingly stays free of pug hair
6.  I dream of finding a church that I feel I belong in 
7.  I dream of living closer to my family and being a part of my nephew's life on a regular basis 
8.  I dream of not having to work a regular 9-5 job and that goes for my husband too.
9.  I dream of seeing my husband go to college and being able to study architecture and finally see his dreams come to pass.
10.  I dream of a peaceful world where no child is hungry or alone.
11.  I dream of a world where adoption is encouraged and governments work quickly and fairly so that all children who need a home  can have one and all people who want to adopt are given the chance to do so without having to worry about finances and red tape.
12.  I dream of having a Hobby Lobby and Rosa's Cafe in this town
13.  I dream of having a Target and Schlotsky's sandwich place here too.  
14.  I dream of being able to live debt free and within my means without worrying about bills and so on.
15.  I dream that I stop dreaming about the monastery, rats, and going thru my grandparent's belongings (those topics seem to rotate thru my dreams repeatedly)
16.  I dream of being the kind of person I know I can be.

16 things about me:

1.  I daydream a lot.
2.  I have worked as a bus girl, retail, Merle Norman cosmetic person, sold Mary Kay, taught religion, English, Speech, and Reading in jr high and high school, worked at the Humane Society and can microchip and vaccinate dogs and cats, and now work in accounts receivable for a transportation company - i.e.. a collector.
3.  I don't like being on the phone anymore other than my job at work.
4.  I am a true homebody and do not like socializing except at work.
5.  I am rather moody and temperamental but don't hold grudges very long.
6.  I love animals and especially pugs and rats (pets) and mice and love collectibles of those three animals.  
7.  I love to read
8.  I love going to thrift stores and can spend hours looking thru all the treasures and sometimes find myself imagining the stories in each item- like finding a needlework picture and wondering who made it and why someone gave it away
9.  I have a wicked sense of humour and love to laugh.
10.  I love chicken fingers and my husband says it beyond normal.
11.  I miss DrPepper, the old Mr. Pibb and Funyuns from home.
12.  My favorite meal would be chicken fried steak, cream gravy, mashed potatoes, fried okra.  Of course I never get that except in Texas.
13.  I love sweet iced tea and make my own by brewing it... apparently rare in this part of Canada.
14.  I love the internet and spend too much time surfing.
15.  I miss Texas a lot.
16.  I have the best husband in the world and every day I am grateful for him.


MAM said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I ditto your favorite meal. I LOVE chicken fried steak with cream, not brown, gravy :)


scrappypug said...

thanks to you too...loved doing this and reading others and finding little bits of things in common .. neat.

Me said...

When I read through this I was thinking things like, "Oh, if she wrote a book I would totally buy it." Or, "Aw, I hope she can move back home to be closer to her family." Or, "Bravo on the adoption comment." But then, THEN, I saw that you miss Dr. Pepper! WTF? Do y'all not have Dr. Pepper in Canada? How do you survive? How much would it cost to ship some to you cause I would totally do that. I don't know how you live without it. You will be in my prayers :)

scrappypug said...

we have dr pepper but all the soda here is a bit different.. its not the same... its something to do with a different type of sugar.