Monday, February 2, 2009

it's not the Virgin Mary but is there a message?

Saturday I went to our local scrapbooking store which until last week I did not know existed for an alchol ink class... really good timing.  It was fun and I learned a lot and of course had to get a few things... they had a sale where you bought ten pieces of patterned paper and got ten free so I got to get some things that until then had no idea were in town!  whoohoo.

I don't know what came over me -okay it was all the Valentine day card stuff at the store, but I made some cards... first ever V-day cards...I like how they came out and I got to use my too cute Valentine Day stamps I got at Michaels... some were by the oh so talented Kolette Hall and some were foam stamps but I love them.  

Yesterday after my card production spell,  when I went to clean up, I saw a face staring at me from my craft mat... totally weird eh?  It sorta looks like a gorilla with one eye shut...
I thought for a brief moment about cutting it out and trying to flog it on ebay... but no.  My ongoing craftiness comes first and I need my mat.  So, its gone.  

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