Friday, March 13, 2009

friday findings

what a week.  Monday started off with me having a fender bender on my way back to work from lunch at home.  Totally NOT my fault but in Canada its all handled a bit differently.... so no police were called as no injuries but after work I had to go fill out a report at one of the police community service stations.  luckily a nice guy who was driving behind the guy who hit me gave me his name and number so the insurance company mailed him a form to fill out and basically it will depend on what he says but it should go in my favor since he told me he saw that the guy made no attempt to yield or anything.  

So we had to then make an appt to take car in for an estimate and meeting with the adjuster where you give your statement and all that.  So we are scheduled to take car in for repairs later this month as its drivable.... just some damage to front fender.. repairs should be aroun 2100 dollars.. and we might not have to pay the full amount of the deductable ... 

paring down so online stuff... reorganized my blog.. love the google reader because you can get updates all on one site for all the blogs and websites you like... so its cool.  

on the agenda this weekend is major housecleaning.. its bad.  

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