Sunday, March 1, 2009

Organizing clear stamps and messy space

This is my space that I left Friday night and awoke to Saturday morning... I usually clean up after  I finish something but did not... what a mess eh?  Its back in order now.  But yeah- how does it get so messy?

Yesterday I organized all my clear stamps...I wasn't really using many because I didn't know what I had- so I put them in empty cd cases and made a catalogue of what I had... Got to use my bind it all and its much easier now to actually use my stamps... plus I can refer to my stampolog before I buy any new stamps .. 

That was my riveting Saturday morning/early afternoon.  Still feeling a bit under the weather... went to the doctor on Thursday to get the tongue checked out... he said it should clear up soon and it is finally starting to... he did do a swab to check for any fungal stuff but I haven't heard back so thats good news.  Ive had a few wicked nose bleeds this week... probably all related to the clearing up sinus infection and how cold and dry it is here... not fun but what can you do?  I am grateful we have medical care and insurance to pay for the perscriptions we need.. I realize how fortunate we are that way.  
On the agenda today is some house cleaning and the never-ending laundry...and probably some more scrapping.   

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