Friday, September 4, 2009

is there anything better

than the sweet melodious sounds of Hank Williams Sr (yes Senior) wafting in thru the window on a Friday night? I think not... our neighbors who live on the street behind us (thus we share the alley) I think must have the original albums or has I saw the Light and Why Don't You love me like You used to Do, and a few other tunes of course, and at least once a week (at least when its not snowing or below zero temps ) play it loudly and sing along outside while sitting round a fire pit . The only bad thing is, this is invariably followed by Kid Rock Cowboy and some other songs that I cannot understand which kinda ruins the vibe..

Sometimes I crank my ITunes with Hank Sr and Hank Jr and Conway Twitty and open my window to share the love... usually then my husband puts on his headphones and tries to block out my singing....

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