Friday, September 4, 2009

Today when I got paid, I realized how much a ten percent pay cut really does to my little check. Sad really. We had to make it up somewhere so we got rid of all the cable except the basic. I am in mourning for The Cleaner... and True Blood, but I will suck it up and be thankful I still have a job.

Day 1 of my resolution did not go too well, I did one swap and spent too much time on ebay looking, but I didn't buy anything. I am going to try to make order yet again in my craft room and focus on the all the stuff I enjoy doing like actually creating things and not worry about anything else. I am trying to remind myself I have more than I need. I am surrounded by abundance... and that I can do anything with God's help.

I don't mean to sound all dramatic but the last couple months have been eye-opening into my problem with compulsive shopping, and the financial consequences that entails.... but one day at a time.


Happycrafter said...

Congratulations on making it through another day with no more craft purchases! It isn't easy. What I sometimes do that is a fun challenge is I pick one stamp, gather a bunch of supplies that I have and put them on the table, and then see how many different cards I can make using only those supplies. It is a fun challenge, and entails using what you've got. Why don't you try it out and then share with us what you make? :-)

Paige said...

It's so hard to be strong with all the enabling out there. I try to stay away. I have been using a ton of retired SU DSP this summer and try not to have the catalog near to page through all the time.