Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ok today was a non productive day for me craft wise... first I bought a punch at Michaels with my coupon and got it home and it doesnt completely punch it out of the paper... so I have to take it back and thats a long drive from here to get to either of the two in the city. Then I had a ton of stuff on my desk and spilt a full glass of iced tea all over it ... screamed for Dh to come help to save computer modem and back up hard drive and usb hub... he got that out in time as I was trying to rescue some things I had just printed along with a ton of stuff I had got from WISHRAK this week and things I had ready to send and things I was working on... not fun. Not a good day.


Crystal said...

Sorry to hear you had a crappy day Carla! Tomorrow's a new day :)
Glad to hear you saved the computer stuff!

Lindsey said...

Arrggggh! Sounds horrific! Hope you have a MUCH better day today!